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The "Little shop down the street," may now be across the world!

My goal is to provide YOU with a World Wide Web Identity that intrigues your prospects, serves your customers and entices online sales. I accomplish that by building your website with a collaborative combination of design, content, functionality, entertainment and marketing. It's a multifaceted task, and this winning combination produces impact on your website visitors and on your company sales.

Consumers today are not SURPRISED you have a website, they EXPECT you to have one! And they expect it to be FUNCTIONAL!

The internet puts your company at the world's fingertips! Unfortunately, it puts your competition there too. The full tilt progression of the World Wide Web has transformed your rival from the shop down the street to shops across the continent, and even a hemisphere away. We all have a vast amount of information to consider and can choose from dozens of options at the click of a mouse. With so many exciting places to visit on the web, your target patron not only needs to get TO your website, but they also need a reason to want to keep visiting YOUR virtual world.

What's the first step?

To get us started in forging your WWW Identity, we will do a start up review. This is a complete run-through of your present website and/or company promotional material. Together, we will establish what you want from your online presence and aim to build, or rebuild, a World Wide Web Identity to achieve those goals. In your start up review, we will evaluate your company's:

  • Logo and Brand
  • Graphics and Color Scheme
  • Message and Content
  • Competition

If your company already has an online presence, we will also discuss your present website's:

  • Architecture and ease of navigation
  • Accessibility by search engines
  • Calls to action and contact methods
  • Overall appeal and effectiveness

When we have completed your start up review, we will go over our findings. I will make recommendations for enhancements for your present website, or ideas for a brand new World Wide Web Identity!

Approximately 80% of prospects are trying to find your business on the Internet. Are they going to find YOU or your competition?

Email me to build a website!YES Robyn! I'm ready for my World Wide Web Identity...
designed to win business!

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National borders aren't
even speed bumps on the
information superhighway.
~Tim May



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