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The Blogosphere: Blogging and RSS Feeds directly generate revenue!

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Blogs and RSS Feeds: Welcome to the Blogosphere!

My favorite thing about the BLOGosphere is that it naturally attracts search engine traffic, so it can make a huge difference in your web traffic! The BLOGosphere is an evolving communication medium with a virtually infinite marketing opportunity to get information that changes often out on the web to a large audience. Your blog can range from simple to involved with the incorporation of articles, ezines, forums, bulletin boards, or news feeds, just to name a few. Optimization of your blog will draw search engine traffic and gives your audience more of what they were searching for in the first place. Together, we will create a customized blog for your company with a layout very similar to your website so your visitors don't feel like they've left your website for new territory.

Blogging and RSS is a technology your company should be in on! Search engines look for new blog content 24/7!

By optimizing your blog with lucrative keyword choices and placement, you can help your site get better placement in the major search engines Think of what that could do for the launch of your next product! The advantages within the BLOGosphere are amazing:

  • Cost effective
  • Keeps close contact with your customers
  • Gain prospects who are searching for relevant products and/or services
  • Announce new and valuable information your customers, prospects and media sources
  • Provide more information about your product and/or services
  • Link attached files to your RSS feed: PDFs, price lists, video, audio, images, downloads
  • Get your website indexed almost immediately
  • Lead traffic to your website

Blog Is Short For 'Web Log'

A Blog is basically an online journal with room for feedback. It is a two-way communication tool where readers are able to post comments in response to what has been written, or 'blogged.' Unlike your actual website, a blog doesn't have a homepage, just entries or 'posts' by the author or 'blogger.' It is designed to be updated frequently and old posts are archived as new ones are added. Comments can be made on your blog, monitored, or disallowed at your preference. You can display pictures and video, include audio, and even store other files like PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets for linking.

When you update your blog and use RSS feeds, your information will be noticed by search engines and published across the internet almost immediately. Blogs are monitored, tracked and promoted by large search engines and they are frequently updated to be searched by subject, industry, topic or any other criteria. Many companies attribute product sales and greatly increased search engine visibility to blogging.

Your blog, as with any other branding, should match your company's identity. Consistency makes an impact that encourages a prospect to want to learn more about your business. While there are free template-style blogs, they make a poor impression.

No medium could be more POWERFUL! Viewers CHOOSE to monitor the information YOU send them through Blogs and RSS Feeds!

Live RSS Feeds

Blogs alone are only a part of the concept. RSS is what delivers your information directly to the person you are targeting. The content itself is known as the feed. Live RSS feeds allow readers to "subscribe" to the content of a blog, automatically checking for updated material throughout the day, so the reader no longer has to visit the blog website. RSS makes it easy for viewers to track website updates, facilitate syndicating website content, plus it keeps search engines updated on new website content, all while providing your website information in a search friendly format. Even iPods, and similar handhelds, are capable of reading RSS feeds.

With the invention of spam, many email addresses are overrun with unwanted emails. Even messages that viewers subscribed to may be ignored or overlooked. RSS eliminates spam by letting you post your information to your blog. Those who added your business blog to their feed pages will see your message and interact with you through your blog.

I would like to start a blog!YES! I'm ready to enter the BLOGosphere!

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Looking at the proliferation
of personal web pages on
the Net, it looks like very
soon everyone on Earth will
have 15 megabytes of fame.
~M.G. Sriram



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