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"Identity" is your prospects' impression at every point of contact!

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Brand Identity: Words have meaning but NAMES have POWER!

A combination of imagery and content builds public perception of your company, it is your corporate identity, your brand. Referred to as "branding," it is about the customer's vision, and it involves every aspect of your communications from logos to marketing materials to your office interior. It's intention is to procure sales everywhere you use it. Your brand is what sets you apart and distinguishes your product or service from your competitors'. Prospects and customers derive an overall impression of you as they interact with your brand and first impressions, good or bad, are made in a matter of seconds.

Your identity is your company image, the impression formed by prospects and clients. What does YOUR IDENTITY say about YOU?

Your logo, in particular, is a graphical representation of what your company stands for. It should evoke emotions that are relevant to your company: trust, power, innovation, etc. It is the first thing noticed about your marketing materials and that first impression is critical to establishing a foundation on which to build a business relationship. Your logo should catch people's attention and inspire trust and confidence in your products and services. Further, a tag line defines what you can do for your prospects, it declares your market niche and invokes the prospect’s curiosity. Consistency is a key element in your overall corporate branding strategy. The visual image of your website should mirror your blogs and promotional material, and vice versa.

Together, we will objectively create and present an image that will inspire trust in your company. More customers will be attracted to and impressed with your brand, which builds interest and leads to increased profits.

Internet Branding can help you create demand without having to clear your bank account for an advertising budget.

The momentum behind a powerful brand shouldn't be abandoned. While I would love to think every brand I create is perfect, that isn't the reality of successful branding. Every major corporation out there aims for the edge in branding that will beat the competition. Successful brands are updated and enhanced frequently to stay ahead of the competition and continually peak their customer's' interests. It lets your public know you care about your image, and that translates into how you will care about them as a customer.

Yes, I would like to redesign my corporate identity or design a new logo!YES Robyn!
Let's maximize my brand's potential and create revenue!

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Names are an important key
to what a society values.
 Anthropologists recognize
naming as 'one of the chief
methods for imposing
order on perception.'
~David S. Slawson



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