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Is your domain name bringing business to your web site?

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Domain Name Registration: HOME is where you hang your @!

A Domain Name is simply an easy way to remember an online address. Every website has an IP (internet protocol) address, such as Your IP address is like a long distance telephone number, and your Domain Name is like the speed dial you have set for that number. is much easier to remember than

I handle all the details of getting you online, beginning with the purchase of your Domain Name. With an established brand for your company, we will go over the many options for your Domain Name(s), research which names are available and make your purchase. I generally suggest purchasing your plus one additional domain name that denotes what your business does, such as: I then set you up with a Hosting Package and begin work on your website.

Purchasing multiple domain names will help your ranking on some of the top search engines!

What's in a name?

It pays to have a domain name that reflects your company or line of business. When clients think of your website, they will think of your company name and that is the first thing they will try in their browser. It is the easiest thing to remember, and whatever is easily remembered, will be more likely to be tried out first.

Should your company name be taken, prefixes and suffixes take over. If is taken, then good options might be or A look into the current ownership of the domain could prove useful as well if the present owner agrees to sell the domain name.

Domain names can be of any length up to 67 characters. It is better to spell your entire name out than to abbreviate in an effort to keep the URL short. Easy to type is great, but if no one can remember WHICH initials you chose, it serves no purpose.

Multiple Domain Names

Purchasing multiple Domain Names does not mean you will have multiple websites, just several domain names that are directed to the same website. Multiple domain names can help you in several ways.

Let's say your name is Alex Schoere and your row boat business is named Schoere To Shore. Schoere is not a common spelling. You would want to purchase the domain name, but you would also want to consider using a secondary domain name like to stick in the minds of your clients.

Hyphens can help with unavailable business names allowing you to obtain your company name as your URL, such as On the down side, hyphens are easily forgotten when typing in a URL and they are not easily verbalized when your website is being promoted by word of mouth. I generally don't suggest the use of hyphens in your main domain name, but it depends on your circumstances.

Hyphens do, however, serve a purpose in your domain name from a marketing aspect. Domain names that contain your website keywords have an advantage when submitted to search engines using hyphens (-) between each keyword. Certain search engines will read as 2 words and classify it as such in a search, where will not be recognized as a word at all., when hyphenated, contains 3 keywords in the domain name for search engines to pick up on and a 4-word key phrase. The major search engines love that! It is not generally designed to be remembered by clients, but used for search engine submission purposes.

The way multiple Domain Names work within one website is to select one name as your "dedicated" domain, Then, we add and make that a "parked" domain. The parked domain will share the dedicated IP address and would send you to the same website, all the while still appearing as in the address bar. Parked domains are unlimited in number, cost just $1/month to host and $15 to set up.

Domain Name Cost

Domain names can be purchased for anywhere between one and five years. There is no administration fee for my website development clients' when we purchase your domain name!

1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
4 Years
5 Years
.com .net .org
.biz .info .us
No Transfers
All Others
Please call me with a quote for another domain name!

To register domain names with country-code extensions such as .US (United States of America) and .CN (China), you may be required to have a residence, or at least a presence, in that particular country. Other country-code extensions such as .WS (Western Samoa) can be registered by anyone.

Never Give Up

As time goes on, you may change your company name or develop new ideas and options for domain names. Consider that you have years of marketing efforts, intentional or not, in your domain name, you do not want to give that away! There is no limit to how many domain names you can purchase, so keep the old ones and set them up as parked domains on your hosting server. They may be well worth it!

Transferring Your Domain Name

Domain name transfers are simple! When your Domain Name is transferred, you must purchase at least 1 year on your name, which will be added to whatever is left on your current registration period. The month and day of your expiration date is preserved.

Yes, I want to purchase a domain name!OK Robyn! Let's Talk DOMAIN NAMES!

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