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Email newsletters are a great way to keep your company in the minds of your customers!

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Newsletters: Convert your print ad and send it to your online mailing list, for free!

E-Newsletters (electronic newsletter) can be a viable suggestion for almost any business. They expose your brand, drive customers to your site, create demand for your product and return data on reader behavior. Even a simple newsletter aimed at a small audience can provide a valuable service of connecting you to your customers. It establishes your knowledge, creates a rapport with your readers and satisfies a customer need.

Your E-Newsletter builds loyalty in current customers with an emotional attachment to your brand. It can fulfill a clients' educational needs and reinforce your position as an expert and trusted resource. And it is an excellent way of keeping prospects informed and maintaining the lines of communication during the decision making process.

A well-executed newsletter can give a small business the authority and appearance of a much larger organization.

When built in conjunction with an RSS feed, e-newsletters are delivered simply to subscribers into a special folder bypassing today's spam filters and overcoming email format issues.

I build your newsletter in the image of your company identity with the intention of showing your subscribers how your products and/or services will make them smarter, healthier, wealthier, or more successful. I can include news, tips, and information of interest to an organization's target base:

  • News Articles
  • Customer features that make your readers and new clients the stars
  • Product or Service updates
  • New feature announcements appearing on your website
  • Business updates, expansions and moves
  • Upcoming appearances at Events, conferences, and seminars
  • Teasers of what to expect in the next issue
  • Archives of past issues on your website

A recipient list is generated from several sources. I build your website with sign up capabilities on every page and advertise your newsletter in online ezine directories. Your present client list is a possible source to pull from, but we will not to enter the realm of "spammer" by delivering your e-newsletter to un welcoming recipients. Purchasing email lists is also an option. Lists are created by category of people interested in your market of products.

Yes, I want to start an online newsletter for my company!YES, Robyn! Let's get started on my company newsletter!

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The Internet is clearly
about more than sports
scores and email now.
It's a place where we can
conduct our democracy
and get very large amounts
of data to very large
numbers of people.
~Frank James



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