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Keep your website content ALIVE and ENTERTAIN the world!

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Website Content: Let's get your customers excited!

Website 'content' is your copy, functionality and amenities. To be a success, your website must be informative, intriguing and set a call to action in motion. I develop persuasive, satisfying website content with an intuitive approach to your customer's buying and learning needs. Put together, your website should have informative, optimized copy with captivating headers, convenient functionality, tantalizing visual imagery and calls to action.

Your website content should always stay fresh. Your products will need updates, your company information will change and the internet will always offer advancement! New ideas should be integrated as your online presence develops to keep your audience interested. If that isn't enough, the search engines love new content!

A web site should never be a one-time build. It is an ongoing project, an INVESTMENT, with unequaled potential for return!


Your website copy should be powerful, persuasive and convey a clear message. It needs to be intriguing to your prospect and easily lead them to the next step in the sales cycle.

From a marketing approach, a good website is filled with updated, quality content that is relevant to a particular search, thus improving your rankings with search engines. Your copy should be written with search engine optimization in mind.


The 'functionality' of your website is the group of interactive pages that collectively add muscle to your website. People don’t like to wait…they want answers and solutions, they want them now, and 80% of the them go online to get them! Are your clients' and prospects’ buying needs being fulfilled when they visit your site?

What better way to keep your customers returning to your web site than to give them site FUNCTIONALITY that EXCITES them!?

Consider what your visitors need and want from your website to be happy returning customers, then, give it to them! Your business will benefit greatly from the power of today’s latest technologies:

  • Company Blogs
  • Subject Forums
  • Live RSS Feeds
  • E-Commerce / Store Fronts
  • Photo Galleries / Image Libraries
  • Store Finders
  • Interactive Response Forms
  • Portfolios / Showcases
  • Product Catalogs
  • Product Library: Tutorials, Downloads and Manuals
  • Internal Site Search Engines
  • Specific Management Databases
  • Inventory Control and Management Databases
  • Client Management Databases
  • Private Client Sections


We all love the coffee maker in the hotel room! Little extras your clients or prospects get excited over will keep them coming back for more! Now that you've given your customers what they need, give them what they WANT... a little more than they asked for!

Delivering information your clients get excited over will keep them coming back for more!

Let's say you are a retailer selling a full line of snow boards and boarding paraphernalia online. A great snow boarding website might contain amenities suck as:

  • Live RSS feeds to snow boarding events, snow conditions and winter travel deals
  • A company blog that you keep update with useful information and tips
  • An emailing list for product specials and sales
  • An 'extreme' client photo library or movie gallery
  • Classified ads
  • Snow boarding instruction or instructional links
  • Links to magazines and organizations
  • Snow boarding forums or a chat room
  • Computer games

If you give them enough, they just might make YOUR page, their browsers HOME page!

Yes, I need to discuss web site content!YES Robyn! I'm ready to give my customers what they want!

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We've heard that a
million monkeys at a million
keyboards could produce the
complete works of Shakespeare;
now, thanks to the Internet,
we know that is not true.
~Robert Wilensky



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