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Databases are a strategic approach to creating a seccessful website!

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Using Databases: Information technology and business are interwoven!

Behind almost any sort of functionality, is an application that interacts with a database. A database is a file of information, such as a list of your store locations around the country. For example, the "Find A Store Near You" page within your website would have a space for the viewer to input their zip code. Clicking on the "submit" button would start the page's programming instructions to manipulate a database of information and present store location(s) to the viewer from closest to farthest.

Even smaller websites will benefit from a database functional approach. For a large website, it is a necessity!

Some examples of database use are:

  • Online Returns and Customer Support
  • Live RSS Feeds
  • Subject Forums or a chat room
  • E-Commerce / Store Fronts
  • Store Finders
  • Interactive Response Forms
  • Internal Site Search Engines
  • Specific Management Databases
  • Inventory Control and Management Databases
  • Client Management Databases

I provide web based software systems that can be used for website sales, functionality, contact management and data management. There is no specific database technology that is appropriate for all sites, but we can design an application for virtually all your needs. Tell us your ideas and let's see what we can do!

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