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When getting your website hosted, I will take care of all the details!

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Website Hosting: You need a reliable, FAST website in today's world!

I handle all the details of getting you up and online, including website hosting, the service that holds your website on its servers and allows it to be accessible via the World Wide Web. I offer a hosting network with solid backup, fast connections and server-side software for database applications. When you decide to build a website, I will create a temporary 'placeholder' page for your company to announce the arrival of your website at a future date.

My hosting services are only available to my website development clients. High volume or dedicated servers will require quotes based on your needs. I will customize your hosting package, but the average website does well with the following plan:

  • $25/month
  • 40GB/month Transfer
    • Over-usage costs $5/GB over the monthly allowance
  • Up to 500MB Disk Space
    • Plenty of space for your site and supporting documents
    • Over-usage costs 10¢/MB increase in the daily average
  • Up to 20 Mailboxes
    • Add more for only $1/month per mailbox
    • Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding, Aliases and Auto-Responders
    • Serious Junk E-Mail Filtering and Virus Scanning
    • Junk E-Mail Filtering with adjustable levels and lists to allow or deny specific addresses
    • Virus Scanning uses the acclaimed open-source software, Clam AntiVirus and prevents e-mail containing viruses from reaching your e-mail box
  • FTP Login
  • Full Functionality Development Environment
  • Web Stats Analysis Tools
  • Server and Network Monitoring, if a server fails or goes off line, it is fixed quickly
    • Our network is monitored and maintained every minute of every day our multi-redundant network helps prevent outages or slow-downs
  • Back-Ups protect against data loss after hard drive failures or due to catastrophic failure
  • Add Secure Server (SSL): $10/month, $30 setup fee
    • Allows for encrypted transactions between the server and Web browsers
  • Multiple Domain Names
    Dedicated and Parked IP Domains are this: If you owned the domain name "," this would be your DEDICATED IP domain. If you wanted to increase traffic to your site and bought the domain name "," this additional domain name would be the PARKED domain because it would share the IP address and would send you to the website, all the while still appearing as in the address bar.
    • Additional Dedicated IP Domain Hosting: $1/month, $15 setup fee
    • Parked Domain Hosting: $1/month, $15 setup fee

Yes, I need web site hosting!OK, Robyn, Let's see what sort of hosting I need for my website!

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