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Good websites are equal parts graphic design & ease of navigation!

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Web Site Layout & Design: First impressions count on the Internet!

Opinions of your company will generally be made in the first few seconds of a prospect visiting your website. The best products and services in the world will not matter unless you present a positive image. I want to give your audience enough to look at, things to catch their interest, but not too much information all at once that your page becomes confusing and loses your visitor's interest. This is where my professional experience comes in. A clean pallet with balanced, eye pleasing white space and a clear message goes a long way!

Your virtual world needs to appeal to your visitors immediately in order to influence their decision to do business with you!

I want your business to grow in the direction that you envision it. Working with your materials, I design a website that conforms to, and expands, your company identity, all the while keeping your future goals in mind. My knowledge of design, placement and navigation will provide your website with an attractive format that appears uncomplicated. Your website will show your visitors who you are and what you do. All your client's needs will be in clear reach. Your visitors will feel welcome and they will keep coming back for more!

Navigation of your website will be intuitive and easy to follow. It will be organized specifically to help direct visitors to where they can learn more about the your product and service offerings, proceed with business questions and make buying decisions. I try to Identify all business categories from the customer’s perspective, keeping in mind that you and I know where every link leads, but the customer does not.

A well-organized web site reflects professionalism for your company and provides a comfort level that welcomes your visitors!

I create unique graphic design, there are no design templates used in my websites. If you surf the web, you will notice many template style sites that either contain no hint of design or do not fully suit the purpose of the company or the customer.

Website design incorporates many aspects, When designing your website, I start with my 'Intro List:'

  • Review your current brand and discuss your message
  • Design and create a graphic theme to enhance your identity and meet your objectives
  • Establish a layout based on your sales goals and 'ease of navigation'
  • Apply web-friendly imagery... graphics created to meet the demands of the Internet

I pay attention to details that are important in choosing design and layout, the many aspects of your website that have impact on it's effectiveness:

  • Who is going to find your website? Who will your website appeal to?
  • What is your competition doing online?
  • Will more of your clients be NEW or returning visitors?
  • What is the computer literacy of your target group?

Graphic design in your website is about creating a response, whether it's to convey a message or to persuade a sale.

Site Redesign and Updating

By updating your website and keeping it fresh, you're proclaiming, "We're on top!" You're giving your prospects a desire to return. I take your present website and redesign it, or keep the same layout and update your look and feel. The introduction of new colors, and the addition of graphics or pictures can go a long way for the visual charge of your identity.

Yes, I would like some info on web site layout and design!Yes, Robyn! We should discuss my website's design & layout!

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To whom does design
address itself: to the
greatest number, to
the specialist of an
enlightened matter,
to a privilege
social class?
Design addresses
itself to the need.
~Charles Eames



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