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Extend your website's value with behind the scenes maintenance!

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Ongoing Website Maintenance and Updating: Your website is an investment!

Your website should be a constantly evolving marketing piece that is updated, redesigned and improved often. Consistent updating to your website on a regular basis ensures that search engines spider your website more often. It can get so well-indexed that you have the potential to show up for any number of keyword phrases that are relevant to your industry. By adding new content, we have the added advantage of increasing the number of search terms or keywords that show up in search results.

The day-to-day management and operations of your website include many common functions often overlooked. It is important to keep a regular eye on:

  • Monitoring your position in the search engine rankings
  • Quarterly resubmission to the search engines (recommended)
  • Links tracking and management to track visitors activity at your site
  • Site error management
  • Competition reevaluation

Your website is an investment. Keeping it updated and well maintained will give you the best possible return!

Maintenance Packages

Hourly Basis
Website maintenance work on an hourly basis will receive an estimated cost for changes you submit. Our hourly rate is $90/hour.

Discounted Contract Basis
Annual website maintenance is ideal if you have regularly scheduled updates, bi-weekly updates or monthly press releases. Maintenance packages also
offer savings over hourly maintenance so you to know exactly what you are spending. It affords you quick turnaround for changes and updates to your website on an ongoing basis. The following are guidelines for this service:




For the company with only a few changes. Allows for 4 hours of changes per month.
For the business that needs weekly updates. Allows for 4 submittals per month and a total of 8 hours.


For companies needing updating up to 2 times per week. Allows for 12 hours per month.
  • Text changes in .RTF format that includes all needed information
  • Images should be provided by email or CD and clearly labeled.
  • Changes to buttons and categories should be provided in bullet points showing new order and titles.
  • Image changing does not include any custom modification to images. Image customization is billable at $90 per hour.
  • Changes to web structure, navigation, functionality or submittals of more than 300 words, may incur additional charges depending on the request’s complexity.

    Please email us with your requirements for a firm quote here.


All marketing projects (even those I develop) should undergo regular review and receive steady enhancements in order to maximize your branding potential.

Yes, I need website maintenance and updating!Yes, I need website maintenance. Let's discuss that further, Robyn!


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Another flaw in the
human character is that
everybody wants to build
and nobody wants
to do maintenance.
~Kurt Vonnegut, Jr



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